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We are here to serve your homes at all time of day or night whenever you need us in Greater Ottawa Area.

Our Reliable Emergency Locksmith Service

The emergency locksmith, also called 24/7 locksmith can arrive at your assistance any time of the day.

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Prompt Results for Home Lockouts

A home lockout is an unpleasant thing that can happen to anyone.
Whether you came home from work and lost your keys.
Perhaps you took the dog out for a walk with the door automatically closing behind you with the keys inside; you need prompt results to get back inside. 

One thing you do not want to do is break the door down, mistaken by neighbours as an intruder.
In the process, you will damage the lock mechanism.
Instead, give your local home lockout professionals at Express Locksmith, Ottawa a call.

Our expert team will meet up with you at any time with our 24-hour emergency locksmith service. No matter what day or night, we are available 365 days of the year in rain or sunshine.
Our mobile locksmiths will be there promptly with the necessary tools to open the door, make a new key for you on the spot, repair locks, or open the door. 

Skilled Mobile Ottawa Residential Lockout Service

Express Locksmith is a skilled team of locksmiths providing instant unlocking of all types of locks. We can even work on antique locks to smart locks.
Whether your home lockout results from a malfunctioning lock or losing your keys, we can provide you with personalized tailor-made solutions. 

Our team can make brand new keys, repair broken deadbolts, or reprogram smart locks on the spot.
Our specialists provide a level or precision with utmost efficiency.
The best part is you get completive prices, so you can feel confident you are getting an outstanding locksmith service in Ottawa and surrounding areas. 

Express Locksmiths provides a Lockout Service for all types of locks, including:

  • Antique-Locks
  • Cabinets 
  • High-Security Locks 
  • Keycard Locks
  • Keypad Locks 
  • Magnetic Locks 
  • Residential Locks 
  • Safes Locks
  • Smart Locks
  • Standard Locks
  • Tubular Locks 

Home Lockout Frequently Asked Questions

Skilled Mobile Ottawa Residential Lockout Service

When the home is locked, and you can access your house, it is a home lockout.
The problem can result from anything like your keys getting stolen, lost, jammed, broken, or forgotten.

What Types of Lockout Services Do You Provide?