Motorcycle Key Replacement Service

Save hundreds of dollars with our key replacement service for your motorcycle.

Have You Lost Your Motorcycle Keys?

While not many locksmiths provide a motorcycle key replacement service, Ottawa Express Locksmith can help.
So, if ever you find yourself in this stressful situation losing your motorcycle keys use our express 24-hour emergency motorcycle key replacement service.
In addition, our locksmiths can help generate a new key for your motorcycle in Ottawa and surrounding areas. 

Lost Your Key?

If you need emergency service, call us and we’ll be on our way.

We Provide a Professional Motorcycle Key Cutting Service

Finding a reputable motorcycle key replacement in Ottawa is challenging.
Still, Express Locksmith has built a reputation and is one of the best.
We are a few automotive locksmith businesses providing a replacement service for motorcycle keys in Ottawa.
You can always rely on us to provide you with a professional replacement key service no matter what motorcycle you have. 

Kinds of Motorcycle Keys We Replace

We are constantly studying the transponder chips to learn new ways to generate keys for cars and motorcycles. We try our best to cover all makes of motorcycle keys.
We can develop a new key or duplicates for the following motorcycle brands:

  • Aprilia Motorcycles
  • BMW Motorrad
  • Ducati Motorcycles
  • Harley-Davidson Canada
  • Honda Cycles
  • Kawasaki Motorcycles
  • Suzuki Motorcycles
  • Yamaha Motorcycles

What Procedure Should You Follow for Motorcycle Key Replacement?

Have Proof of Ownership on Hand and Call Us Today 

When our technician arrives, you will need to provide proof of ownership with ID identification followed by a bill of sale, insurance, or registration for the motorbike.
 It is a protocol we need to follow, and having the documents ready saves time to get us to start working faster. 

After Verification, the Technician Gets to Work on the Key Combination 

After verification, our technician will find the mechanical combination to cut a new key for your motorbike.
Each key has a unique groove or cut, as no keys are alike.
Once obtaining the original cut using either extraction of the cylinders or decoding them using a reader tool, they will provide you with your new motorbike keys. 

The Work is Done

If a cylinder extraction took place, all left is to put it back. But suppose you have a key chip system.
In that case, our technician will remove the electrical module to read the stored data holding the password to overwrite it with new data.
Once done, we will assemble everything to put it back, and you will have a new key. 

Contact Us for Your Motorcycle Key Replacement

For many automotive locksmiths generating a motorcycle key is challenging.
However, we at Express Locksmith Ottawa and surrounding areas do not let this get us down.
Our staff has advanced tools to work on any motorcycle key.
So if you need a qualified automotive locksmith in Ottawa, give us a call today.