Car Key Programming Ottawa

Programming a key fob on newer vehicle models takes knowledge with advanced programming equipment to get the best results.

Automotive Locksmith Ottawa

Without a transponder key programmed, you will not be able to start your car.
Hence, car key programming is necessary for your key fob to operate your vehicle.
In addition, you need to do a key replacement immediately as failure to do so will compromise your security, ending up in expensive replacement or repair. 

If you need a reliable car key programming service, Expert Locksmith Ottawa can help.
We are a reputable company providing insurance to cover any damage to your vehicle.
In addition, we will be there the same day to provide you with your automotive lock needs. 

Lost Car Key?

If you need emergency service, call us and we’ll be on our way.

Onboard Programming Key Fob

Can i program my car key myself ? The answer is yes and no, as some car brand allows for easy key programming like GM. You can do onboard programming if you have a spare working key and relatively easy. It only takes a minute to program the new chip in the key. 

The onboard programming needs no particular program on the key fob, but you need another existing programmed key. If you have such a key, you can find the programming instructions in the car manual, or you can give us a call if you are unsure. 

OBD2 Programming

Suppose you have another brand of vehicle that does not provide onboard programming.
In that case, you need a highly-advanced car key programmer like Express Locksmith to help.
In addition, the majority of newer vehicles need a technician to help. 

Finally, as a dealer programmer, you need a commercial license with an online subscription to help program the key fob.
With our specialist automotive locksmith service, we can enter the programming mode using one of the OBD2 protocols to modify the data of the key fob.

EEPROM Programming

This type of automotive key fob programming is complex as it is all purely electronics. The only time the method is used is when there is no option to bypass the anti-theft system through the OBD2 port.
Thus, it needs an in-depth understanding of the electronics that Express Locksmith can provide. Then, we will extract the module of the security components in your care to read the correct password stored on the key.
These methods are risky if you do not know what you are doing and are best done by a pro. 

How Much Time Does Reprogramming a Fob Key Take?

Overall, most vehicles are easy to program, but the level of security is reaching new heights.
Some cars can take a couple of minutes by a professional.
But OBD2 can take longer, even days, especially if your vehicle needs EEPROM programming. 

Need a New Car Key Programmed?

Programing a key fob on newer vehicle models takes knowledge with advanced programming equipment to get the best results.
Express Locksmith is a cutting-edge automotive programmer with the ability to help with car key programming in Ottawa and surrounding areas.
Our experts have up-to-date tools to quickly program a new car key or fob. Contact us today in Ottawa to program your car keys. 

Lost your car key and have no spare?

No need to worry. We have a large fleet of mobile locksmith service vehicles ready to be called to your location.
No need to tow your vehicle; our mobile units carry key duplicators and provide key cutting services on-site, even if you have a push button start car!