Lost Your Nissan / Infiniti Car Keys ?


Express Locksmith is the ideal destination to get Nissan / Infiniti keys and duplicate car keys in Ottawa.

Locked out of your Nissan / Infiniti in Nepean ? Need a new set of car keys? Express locksmith is the best choice for your problems. We are a qualified automotive lock smith that can aid you out of trouble.

Just give us a Call , 613-627-2948, and we will help you out of whatever jam you are in. Unlike some car lock smith online, we won’t increase the price above the phone quote. For over 20 years, Ottawa Nissan / Infiniti owners have been coming to us for their car key locksmithing needs.

Nissan / Infinitis are not cheap, and mending a lock or replacing a misplaced set of keys at the car dealership is the most expensive approach. Save your money and let Ottawa Locksmith do the hard work. Don’t pay for towing. We make keys on site!

Want a duplicate key just in case? We make copies. The place to get Nissan /Infiniti keys in Ottawa is Express Locksmith.
Is your remote no longer working? We can replace it.
Maybe your ignition needs replacing? Not an issue.
Is your trunk stuck? We’ll repair your locks!

Lost your keys and afraid someone may steal your car? We’ll rekey your whole Nissan / Infiniti and we’ll provide a new set of Nissan / Infiniti keys Ottawa.

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